African Violet Soil / Potting Mix

Why is African Violet Soil Potting Mix Important? What Are the Three Most Important Points? Three most important points to remember about African Violet Soil / Potting Mix: Below are vermiculite recommendations, useful as an additive to African Violet potting soil Simple African Violet Potting Mix Recipes Below are three common African Violet Potting Mix […]

Powdery Mildew on African Violet Plants

What is powdery mildew? Why do you have to remove powdery mildew from African Violet plants? Where can powdery mildew on African Violet plants be found? What does powdery mildew on African Violet plants look like? Why do African Violet plants develop powdery mildew? Below are examples of temperature and humidity meters, useful to keep […]

African Violet Suckers: What Are They and Removal?

Why do you have to remove African Violet suckers? Where can African Violet plant suckers be found? What do African Violet plant suckers look like? Why do African Violet plants sucker? Below are rooting hormone examples useful for rooting African Violet suckers during re-potting or leaf propagation too. How to prevent African Violets from suckering? […]

Fertilizer for African Violet Plants

Here, we will only talk about fertilizer requirements for an African violet plant growing as a houseplant and not those growing for show (as show plants require fertilizer during exact timed intervals and in different amounts). Major components of fertilizer: Examples of commercially available African Violet fertilizers below: Which commercial fertilizer to use for African […]

History of African Violet Plants

Discovery  of African Violets: Few reference books below regarding African Violets, some of the information may be outdated, but its still an interesting read. Arrival of African Violet plants to the United States: Scientific classification of African Violet plants: Scientific Classification of African Violet Plants Kingdom Plants    Sub Kingdom Vascular Plants        Superdivision Seed Plants […]

Ideal Conditions to Grow African Violet Plants

These are a few general points on how to grow /maintain African Violet plants. Pot Size: Below are examples of plastic pots of different sizes: Soil: Watering: Add water from side of pot or into dish/tray/saucer/container the pot is sitting in. For more details on wick watering African Violet plants, can visit blog post, “Wick […]

What are the Different Leaf Types of African Violet Plants?

Plain African Violet Leaf Type: Ovate African Violet Leaf Type: Pointed African Violet Leaf Type: Heart African Violet Leaf Type: Serrated African Violet Leaf Type: Wavy/Ruffled African Violet Leaf Type: Longifolia African Violet Leaf Type: Quilted African Violet Leaf Type: Scalloped African Violet Leaf Type: Bustle African Violet Leaf Type: *Our Affiliate Programs: We are a […]

What are the Different Sizes of African Violet Plants?

African Violets can be divided in four main categories depending upon their size: Large plants, Standard plants, Semi-Miniature plants, Miniature plants. The diameters of these African violet plants are measured across a single crown. They are each defined as below: Large African Violet plants: Large African violet plants when fully mature range from 16 inches […]

What are the Different Types of African Violet Plants?

African Violets can be divided in two main categories depending upon their type: Rosette African violet plants and trailing African violet plants. They are defined as below: Rosette African Violets: Trailing African Violets: *Our Affiliate Programs: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means […]

Yellow Leaves on African Violet Plants

Why do leaves turn yellow on my African Violet plants and how to prevent it? The main reasons are: Normal growth: As the plant grows, some of the older leaves on the outer ring will turn yellow and it’s time to remove them as part of routine grooming the plant. Water deficiency: the soil is […]