History of African Violet Plants

Discovery  of African Violets: Few reference books below regarding African Violets, some of the information may be outdated, but its still an interesting read. Arrival of African Violet plants to the United States: Scientific classification of African Violet plants: Scientific Classification of African Violet Plants Kingdom Plants    Sub Kingdom Vascular Plants        Superdivision Seed Plants […]

What are the Different Leaf Types of African Violet Plants?

Plain African Violet Leaf Type: Ovate African Violet Leaf Type: Pointed African Violet Leaf Type: Heart African Violet Leaf Type: Serrated African Violet Leaf Type: Wavy/Ruffled African Violet Leaf Type: Longifolia African Violet Leaf Type: Quilted African Violet Leaf Type: Scalloped African Violet Leaf Type: Bustle African Violet Leaf Type: African Violet and other potting […]

What are the Different Sizes of African Violet Plants?

African Violets can be divided in four main categories depending upon their size: Large plants, Standard plants, Semi-Miniature plants, Miniature plants. The diameters of these African violet plants are measured across a single crown. They are each defined as below: Large African Violet plants: Large African violet plants when fully mature range from 16 inches […]

What are the Different Types of African Violet Plants?

African Violets can be divided in two main categories depending upon their type: Rosette African violet plants and trailing African violet plants. They are defined as below: Rosette African Violets: African Violet and other potting mixes shown below, also my favorite African Violet fertilizer, optimara. Trailing African Violets: *Our Affiliate Programs: We are a participant in […]

What are the Different Color Patterns of African Violet Flowers?

African Violet flowers can have different color patterns, these include two-tone, bi-color, multi-color, geneva, dark eye, white, eye, chimera, wide edge, colored edge, speckled edge, thumbprint and fantasy. They are defined in details as below: Two-tone African Violet Flower Type: Flowers which exhibit two tones/shades of the same color. These include light and dark hues […]

What are the Different Shapes of African Violet Flowers?

There are different African Violet flower shapes, these include single, semi-double, double, frilled, fluted, star, wasp and cup. They are defined as below: Single African Violet Flower Type: Single flowers have total five petals, top two petals are smaller than the below three petals. Semi-Double African Violet Flower Type: Semi-double flowers have between 5-10 petals. […]