What are the Different Shapes of African Violet Flowers?

There are different African Violet flower shapes, these include single, semi-double, double, frilled, fluted, star, wasp and cup. They are defined as below:

  • Single African Violet Flower Type:

Single flowers have total five petals, top two petals are smaller than the below three petals.

Single African Violet Flower Type (Morgans Declan Duff, Marching Band, Optimara Little Crystal & Amethyst)
  • Semi-Double African Violet Flower Type:

Semi-double flowers have between 5-10 petals. They have an extra crest or tuft of flowers in the center which tend to curl and do not open up into full size petals.

Semi-Double African Violet Flower Type (Robs Hot Chocolate, Ness Puppy Dreams, Berry Splash & Black Magic)
  • Double African Violet Flower Type:

Double flowers have more than 10 full size petals which cover over the center set of anthers.

Double African Violet Flower Type (Royal Baby, Noid, Cupids Jewel & Cirelda)
  • Frilled African Violet Flower Type:

Frilled flowers can be either single, semi-double or double in type and have a frilled /lacy/convoluted/ruffled edge along the petal borders.

Frilled African Violet Flower Type (Charline, Jade Tiara, Robs Hot Chocolate & Imps Berry Smash)
  • Fluted Petal African Violet Flower type:

These flowers have a slightly curved indentation at the tip of the petals.

Fluted Petal African Violet Flower type (Fiery Sunset, Midnight Rascal, Hoodwink & Hearts Aflutter
  • Star African Violet Flower Shape:

Star flowers have all 5 petals equal in size and evenly spaced.

Star African Violet Flower Shape (Blushing Ivory, Hearts Aglow, Decelles Flamingo & Kristies Spunk)
  • Wasp African Violet Flower Shape:

Wasp flowers have 5 petals total; all of these petals are narrow. However, the top two petals are much smaller, narrower and twisted.

Wasp African Violet Flower Shape (Senks Say What, Senks Whisper of Pink, Imps Beta Blocker & Imps Blue Arsenic)
  • Cup Shaped African Violet Flower Shape:

These flowers are star shaped and have all petals joined together to form a shallow cup like center.

Cup Shaped African Violet Flower Shape (Mary Craig & Rainbows Quiet Riot)
  • Bell Shaped African Violet Flower Type:

These flowers similar to the cup shape have all petals joined together to form a narrow bell shape.

Bell Shaped African Violet Flower Type (Sky Bells, The Madam & Chantaspring

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