African Violet Society of America and Local AV Clubs

African Violet Society of America:

  • The AVSA, known as the African Violet Society of America is an official association for African Violet indoor houseplants.
  • It consists of a network of local African Violet clubs known as affiliates.
  • A list of local/regional/state African Violet clubs can be found on the AVSA website here.
Funambule Standard African Violet Plant Flowers

Local African Violet clubs:

  • The goal of the African Violet clubs is to promote the growth, exchange and education of African Violet plants among its members.
  • The clubs also encourage new members to join in and share their love/knowledge of African Violet plants.
  • Clubs usually have weekly or monthly meetings, they discuss different topics at each meeting, will invite guest speakers and exchange African Violet plants/leaves with each other.
Marching Band Standard African Violet Flowers

Local African Violet shows:

  • This interest of African Violet plants is shared by clubs with others during their annual or bi-annual African Violet shows or sales.
  • Usually shows are organized in April-May and again in Sept-October depending upon the location of the club.
  • At these shows, members will display the beautiful violets they have grown which are then merit-judged by AVSA judges.
  • I will write a separate blog post about the AVSA Scales of Points used to judge African Violet show plants.
  • A list of African Violet events at local clubs are available on the AVSA website here.
Pink Mint Trailer African Violet Plant Flower

AVSA Membership / Magazine:

  • Membership to AVSA also give you access to exclusive member only areas of the AVSA website, which includes past articles of “growing tips”.
  • To learn more about becoming an AVSA member, please visit AVSA website here.
  • Becoming a member of the AVSA automatically guarantees you access to their bi-monthly magazine (6 issues a year).
  • The magazine publishes informative articles about growing and caring for African Violet plants.
  • It also includes beautiful pictures of African Violet plants and guest articles written by hybridizers and hobby growers.
  • To learn more about African Violets, you can subscribe to the AVSA magazine here.
Redoubled Standard African Violet Flowers Plant

Registering new African Violet plants:

  • The AVSA is the official International Cultivar Registration Authority for the genus Saintpailia.
  • If you have discovered a sport flower on your African Violet plant or have hybridized a new African Violet flower, you can register the plant with the AVSA.
  • To register a new plant, a set number of requirements need to be fulfilled, more information can be found on the AVSA website here.
  • I will be writing a separate detailed blog post about registering African Violet plants with AVSA.
Senks Neverland Dreams African Violet Plant Flowers

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