History & What Is African Violet Leaf Variegation?

What is the history of African Violet variegation? African Violet, perlite and coco coir shown below: What is African Violet leaf variegation? How does African Violet leaf variegation happen? African Violet leaf variegation can occur due to several reasons, including genetic mutations, virus infections, and other factors that affect chlorophyll production. Some of the most […]

What Are The Best Type Of Pots For African Violets?

Choosing a pot for your African Violet plant is personal preference, however, you can keep in mind some basic guidelines to help you choose the right pot. What kind of pot material is optimum for growing African Violet plants? Examples of 2″ & 4″plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: […]

Cleaning African Violet Plants, Why & How To?

Why clean your African Violet plants? Which tool should I use to brush off / clean dust / soil from African Violet leaves? Below are recommendations of useful items used to clean / groom African Violet plants: How to brush off / clean dust / soil from African Violet plants? Below are recommendations of useful […]

What To Do When Bringing Home A New African Violet Plant?

When you first bring home a new African Violet plant, you have to quarantine/isolate it from your other plants. The African Violet plant, may be from a big box store, a reputable vendor store, an online vendor, a friend, round robin, African Violet show or African Violet club. In all these circumstances, always remember to […]

Artificial Lighting For African Violet Plants: Part II LED Lighting

What are LED Lights: How do LED lights generate light? LED Lights Compared To Fluorescent Lights: African Violet Plants Underneath LED Lights: Replacement LED Tube Light Bulbs: LED replacement T8 tube light bulbs: Below are recommendations for LED replacement T8 bulbs to grow African Violet plants: Direct-wire/Ballast bypass LED tubes:  Below are recommendations for Direct-wire/Ballast […]

When And How To Divide / Separate African Violet Leaf Babies From Mother Leaf

After waiting 3-4 months, you finally see tiny baby plantlets emerging from your African Violet leaf cuttings. You are now trying to decide whether you should separate the babies from the main leaf or wait a little while. This article will hopefully give you an idea of when it’s the right time to divide the […]

Artificial Lighting For African Violet Plants: Part I Fluorescent Lighting

Definitions: Below are examples of light meters, useful to keep in your growing area, especially when monitoring low or bright light intensity. Lights: Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Below are recommendations for T12 bulbs to grow African Violet plants: Below are recommendations for T8 bulbs to grow African Violet plants: Below are recommendations for T5 bulbs to […]

African Violet Society of America and Local AV Clubs

African Violet Society of America: Local African Violet clubs: African Violet, perlite, coco coir and other potting mixes shown below: Local African Violet shows: AVSA Membership / Magazine: Few reference books below regarding African Violets, some of the information may be outdated, but its still an interesting read. Registering new African Violet plants: Ceramic pots […]

How to Water African Violet Plants?

African Violet Plants need to be watered depending upon each plants individual environment. Depending upon whether African Violets are in a hot, dry, comfortable or cold environment, the frequency and amount of water changes. Below are common questions answered about watering African Violet plants and hopefully you will be able to pick up some useful […]

Tight Crowns on African Violet Plants

Tight crowns or tight centers on African Violet plants can unfortunately occur when we are overzealous with fertilizer, light, heat or due to heavy soil or cyclamen mite infestation. (For information on normal rosette or trailing growth habit in African Violets, visit “What are different types of African Violets?“). What is a tight crown in […]