Baby Violets

The beginnings……

I developed an interest in collecting and growing African Violets early on. Living in the mid-west I learnt that my violets were always around to brighten up my rooms during those long winters. From the days of my apartment living as a student to being a home-owner my violets were part of every home. With each move, my collection of violets to be transported in the back of my car increased.

I began selling extra plants I had on Ebay from 2007 ( Over, the years violet enthusiasts starting inquiring about different varieties and about the master list of African violets I had. Many new growers were just interested in whether I had any pink/blue or various colors of African Violets.


That’s when ” Baby Violets”started in 2013; I provide beautiful and healthy African Violet plants for the new grower or avid collector. I specialize in providing starter plants so you can watch these babies grow into beautiful violets. I try to keep my collection limited (50-100 plants a year) to provide well rooted and robust plants. With each purchase I will include a free instruction booklet, “How to Care for African Violets”.

Happy Growing!!!

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