Cyclamen Mites on African Violet Plants

What are Cyclamen Mites? Cyclamen mites are very tiny pests, belonging to the spider family; they are spider like and can attack African Violet plants. They are very small, measuring just 0.5mm in length and are usually invisible to the naked eye. You would need a magnifying glass to see them. Cyclamen Mites feed on […]

History & What Is African Violet Leaf Variegation?

What is the history of African Violet variegation? African Violet, perlite and coco coir shown below: What is African Violet leaf variegation? How does African Violet leaf variegation happen? African Violet leaf variegation can occur due to several reasons, including genetic mutations, virus infections, and other factors that affect chlorophyll production. Some of the most […]

Why Is My African Violet Not Blooming?

There are several reasons why an African Violet plant may not be blooming, including: If you are having trouble getting your African Violet to bloom, it is important to assess the plant’s growing conditions and address any potential problems. Improving light, watering, and feeding practices, and controlling pests and diseases can all help promote healthy […]

The Soil and Root pH of African Violet Plants

What is soil pH? Soil pH measures the activity of the hydronium ion (H+) in a soil suspension solution. The soil suspension is made of one part soil and one part water. Soil pH indicates the acidity or alkalinity of the soil suspension and is measured in units. This unit measurement is on a scale […]

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Fertilizer & Tools

African Violet Sucker Plucker Tool Sucker plucker tool2 Sucker plucker tool3 pH control kit Soil pH test kit pH soil tester Dixie Cups For Leaves Starter Plants Rooting hormone Mini garden tool kit Fairy garden tool kit Cleaning Tools Jacks Classic Special Fertilizer 8 Oz 12-36-14 AV Fertilizer Optimara Violet Food Fish Emulsion Concentrated Neem […]

Watering & Temperature

Boot Trays 15”x19” Small boot tray 30”x15”, 2 set boot tray Capillary Watering Mat 3yds white felt mat Felt Capillary Mat 275ft mason twine #18 #18 mason twine Nylon Twine Wick Material Self watering planters 4” Self watering planter 6” Small self watering planter Squeeze bottle watering Stainless Steel 38oz watering can Small watering can […]

Lights & Stands

48″W x 72″H x 18″D, 6 Shelves 36″L x 14″W x 5″H, 4 shelf stand 30L x 14W x 64.75H 5 shelf stand 36″D x 14″W x 36″H 3 shelf stand Bamboo plant stand Bamboo plant stand Small metal plant stand Metal plant stand Light weight mini greenhouse Small pop up greenhous 4ft LED light […]

Trays & Domes

1040 Tray Clear Humidity Domes Humidity Dome Humidity dome with vent 7” tall humidity dome Heavy duty tray with dome Medium tray with dome 3” Pot with humidity dome , set of 30 Cloche garden domes, pack of 6 4” pot with dome, set of 10 4” pot with dome, set of 30 1020 Trays […]

Pots & Potting Media

8 Quarts Coarse Chunky Perlite 8 Quarts Extra Chunky Vermiculite 4 quarts Perlite Pro Mix Growing Media, 2.8 cu ft Pro Mix Growing Media, 2.8 cu ft AfricanViolet Soil 1 quart Coco Coir, 10lb block Sphagnum Peat Moss 8 qt Coarse Perlite 4cuft 2″ square pots, 150pk 3″ plastic square pots 2” plastic pots, pack […]