Fertilizer & Tools

African Violet Sucker Plucker Tool
Sucker plucker tool2
Sucker plucker tool3
pH control kit
Soil pH test kit
pH soil tester
Dixie Cups For Leaves Starter Plants
Rooting hormone
Mini garden tool kit
Fairy garden tool kit
Cleaning Tools
Jacks Classic Special Fertilizer 8 Oz 12-36-14
AV Fertilizer
Optimara Violet Food
Fish Emulsion
Concentrated Neem Oil
Neem Oil Spray
Immunox Fungicide
Green Cleaner Mites
Safer Diatomaceous Earth
Imidacloprid Systemic Granules
Plant mister
Spray Bottles
African Violet Book
African Violet Book
Growing to Show
The African violet Bible
How to Get African Violets to Bloom All Year Round
Beginner's Guide To African Violets
African Violet Book
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