Our Plants

Our plants are propagated from leaf, once the babies are the size of a quarter they are transplanted to an individual pot. After 3 months they are again transplanted to fresh soil. For the next 3 months they are started on a low fertilizer diet and allowed to develop a strong root system and healthy green leaves.

Within these 6 months, I wait for each plant to bloom at least once, to make sure that it blooms true to the AVSA (African Violet Society of America) description.
None of my plants are sprayed with toxic chemicals. Once in a while, only during the winter months, if I notice powdery mildew I will isolate that plant and spray Organic Neem Oil, which works very well for me.

Due to enough spacing between plants, they develop the symmetrical rosette shape of African Violets (unless they are a trailing variety). As I have a limited collection, each plant is given personal attention. This is great for collectors who want to prepare there plants for ‘show’ as it gives them a head start with well groomed plants.
Once the plants have a well established root system and the weather warms up, they are ready for shipping.

The baby plants will arrive in a 2.5×2.5 inch pot, unless otherwise mentioned. My mini and semi-mini plants range from 2-4 inches in diameter and my standard plants range from 4-6 inches in diameter.

Each plant is carefully wrapped in individual packages to prevent any damage to our plants. Our plants are then boxed and shipped out by USPS Priority mail. Within 3-4 days you or the gift recipient will receive the violets in perfect condition. With each shipment I will include an instruction booklet on how to care for your plants in terms of soil, light, watering and feeding.

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