Cyclamen Mites on African Violet Plants

What are Cyclamen Mites? Cyclamen mites are very tiny pests, belonging to the spider family; they are spider like and can attack African Violet plants. They are very small, measuring just 0.5mm in length and are usually invisible to the naked eye. You would need a magnifying glass to see them. Cyclamen Mites feed on […]

Why Is My African Violet Not Blooming?

There are several reasons why an African Violet plant may not be blooming, including: If you are having trouble getting your African Violet to bloom, it is important to assess the plant’s growing conditions and address any potential problems. Improving light, watering, and feeding practices, and controlling pests and diseases can all help promote healthy […]

Decapitating African Violet Crowns, Why And How?

Why do we need to decapitate African Violet crowns? How to decapitate the African Violet crown? Example1: This African Violet plant has developed a soil infestation. Tool recommendations below, can keep ready while preparing African Violets for decapitation: Example 2: African Violet, perlite and coco coir shown below: Example 3: Examples of commercially available African […]

What Pot Size To Use For African Violet Plants?

Why do African Violet plants need to be in a certain size pots? What is the ideal pot size for my African Violet plant? (a) Choosing pot size based upon type of African Violet: Examples of 2″ & 3″plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: (b) Choosing pot size based […]

When And How To Divide / Separate African Violet Leaf Babies From Mother Leaf

After waiting 3-4 months, you finally see tiny baby plantlets emerging from your African Violet leaf cuttings. You are now trying to decide whether you should separate the babies from the main leaf or wait a little while. This article will hopefully give you an idea of when it’s the right time to divide the […]

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Soft, Limp or Mushy?

Why do leaves turn soft, limp or mushy on my African Violet plants? What to do if your African Violet leaves have turned soft, limp or mushy from overwatering? How to prevent African Violet leaves from turning soft, limp or mushy due to overwatering? Below are perlite recommendations, useful for potting up suckers, as an […]

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Curling Upwards or Downwards?

Why Do African Violet Leaves Curl or Reach Upwards? Why Do African Violet Leaves Curl or Droop Downwards? What Are the Symptoms of Dry Soil on African Violet Leaves? Examples of 2″, 3″ & 4″ plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: What are the Symptoms of Root Rot on […]

Root Rot on African Violet Plants

Root rot on African Violet plants can unfortunately occur when we are overzealous with watering African Violets. Over-watering can permanently damage African Violet roots and lead to the plants death. These are common questions answered about African Violet root rot: What is Root Rot? What Causes Root Rot and How Does It Occur? African Violet, […]

Growing African Violets Under Low Light: Symptoms?

What Happens When African Violets Are Not Getting Enough Natural Light? Why Is My African Violet Plant Leggy? Why Are The Leaves On My African Violet Plant Growing Upwards? Is My African Violet Plant Not Blooming Because Of Low Light? African Violet, perlite and other potting mixes shown below: How To Control Natural Light When […]

Soil Mealy Bugs in African Violet Plants

Soil Mealy Bugs are found inside the soil of African Violet plants, closer to the roots. They can spread very fast between plants and measures need to be taken quickly to control them. These are common questions answered about African Violet Soil Mealy Bugs: What are Soil Mealy Bugs? How do Soil Mealy Bugs Occur […]