Why Are My African Violet Leaves Curling Upwards or Downwards?

Why Do African Violet Leaves Curl or Reach Upwards? Why Do African Violet Leaves Curl or Droop Downwards? What Are the Symptoms of Dry Soil on African Violet Leaves? Examples of 2″, 3″ & 4″ plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: What are the Symptoms of Root Rot on […]

Tight Crowns on African Violet Plants

Tight crowns or tight centers on African Violet plants can unfortunately occur when we are overzealous with fertilizer, light, heat or due to heavy soil or cyclamen mite infestation. (For information on normal rosette or trailing growth habit in African Violets, visit “What are different types of African Violets?“). What is a tight crown in […]