Cyclamen Mites on African Violet Plants

What are Cyclamen Mites? What do Cyclamen Mites look like? How do Cyclamen Mites occur in African Violet plants? In conclusion, Cyclamen Mites occur when contaminated soil, potting mix, tools, or African Violets plants are introduced to a growing area, or when the environmental conditions are favorable for the mites to survive and reproduce. Regular […]

What To Do When Bringing Home A New African Violet Plant?

When you first bring home a new African Violet plant, you have to quarantine/isolate it from your other plants. The African Violet plant, may be from a big box store, a reputable vendor store, an online vendor, a friend, round robin, African Violet show or African Violet club. In all these circumstances, always remember to […]

Tight Crowns on African Violet Plants

Tight crowns or tight centers on African Violet plants can unfortunately occur when we are overzealous with fertilizer, light, heat or due to heavy soil or cyclamen mite infestation. (For information on normal rosette or trailing growth habit in African Violets, visit “What are different types of African Violets?“). What is a tight crown in […]