African Violet Sports: What Are They and How Do They Occur?

What is an African Violet sport? Do African Violet sports happen naturally? Why do African Violet sports occur? African Violet potting mix, perlite and sphagnum mss shown below: How can I identify/ confirm an African Violet sport? Is there an official list of African Violet sports? Few reference books below regarding African Violets, some of […]

How To Count Leaf Rows (Whorls Of Leaves) On African Violet Plants?

Crown and Leaf Rows Of The African Violet Plant: Examples of self watering pots for African Violet plants as shown below: *Our Affiliate Programs: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. […]

Growing African Violets Under Low Light: Symptoms?

What Happens When African Violets Are Not Getting Enough Natural Light? Why Is My African Violet Plant Leggy? Why Are The Leaves On My African Violet Plant Growing Upwards? Is My African Violet Plant Not Blooming Because Of Low Light? African Violet, perlite and other potting mixes shown below: How To Control Natural Light When […]

What are the Different Color Patterns of African Violet Flowers?

African Violet flowers can have different color patterns, these include two-tone, bi-color, multi-color, geneva, dark eye, white, eye, chimera, wide edge, colored edge, speckled edge, thumbprint and fantasy. They are defined in details as below: Two-tone African Violet Flower Type: Flowers which exhibit two tones/shades of the same color. These include light and dark hues […]

What are the Different Shapes of African Violet Flowers?

There are different African Violet flower shapes, these include single, semi-double, double, frilled, fluted, star, wasp and cup. They are defined as below: Single African Violet Flower Type: Single flowers have total five petals, top two petals are smaller than the below three petals. Semi-Double African Violet Flower Type: Semi-double flowers have between 5-10 petals. […]