Cyclamen Mites on African Violet Plants

What are Cyclamen Mites? Cyclamen mites are very tiny pests, belonging to the spider family; they are spider like and can attack African Violet plants. They are very small, measuring just 0.5mm in length and are usually invisible to the naked eye. You would need a magnifying glass to see them. Cyclamen Mites feed on […]

When And How To Divide / Separate African Violet Leaf Babies From Mother Leaf

After waiting 3-4 months, you finally see tiny baby plantlets emerging from your African Violet leaf cuttings. You are now trying to decide whether you should separate the babies from the main leaf or wait a little while. This article will hopefully give you an idea of when it’s the right time to divide the […]

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Soft, Limp or Mushy?

Why do leaves turn soft, limp or mushy on my African Violet plants? What to do if your African Violet leaves have turned soft, limp or mushy from overwatering? How to prevent African Violet leaves from turning soft, limp or mushy due to overwatering? Below are perlite recommendations, useful for potting up suckers, as an […]

Anatomy Of African Violet Flowers And Leaves

African Violet Flowers: Parts of an African Violet Flower: 2. Stamen: 3. Pistil: 4. Stem: African Violet Leaf: Parts Of An African Violet Leaf: Examples of 2″ & 3″plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: *Our Affiliate Programs: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate […]

Foliar Feeding African Violet Plants

How to Foliar Feed? Foliar feeding involves gently spraying the African Violet leaves with a diluted mixture of plant fertilizer. a) Preparing the fertilizer mix for foliar feeding: b) How to apply fertilizer mix to African violet leaves? Why Do We Need to Dilute the Foliar Feeding Fertilizer? What Kind of Water to Use for […]

Growing African Violets Under Low Light: Symptoms?

What Happens When African Violets Are Not Getting Enough Natural Light? Why Is My African Violet Plant Leggy? Why Are The Leaves On My African Violet Plant Growing Upwards? Is My African Violet Plant Not Blooming Because Of Low Light? African Violet, perlite and other potting mixes shown below: How To Control Natural Light When […]

Brown Leaves on African Violet Plants

Why do leaves turn brown on my African Violet plants and how to prevent it? The main reasons are: Below are examples of temperature and humidity meters, useful to keep in your growing area, especially when monitoring powdery mildew on your plants. Why do you have to remove brown leaves from African Violet plants? Examples […]

How to Bury and Re-Pot African Violet Bare Stems or Necks?

What does a long neck look like on African Violets? How does a long neck develop on African Violets? These tools can be helpful to perform the steps outlined below: Why do we need to remove or hide the neck on African Violets? How to repot the neck on African Violets? Example 1: Below sucker […]

Powdery Mildew on African Violet Plants

What is powdery mildew? Why do you have to remove powdery mildew from African Violet plants? Where can powdery mildew on African Violet plants be found? What does powdery mildew on African Violet plants look like? Why do African Violet plants develop powdery mildew? Below are examples of temperature and humidity meters, useful to keep […]

African Violet Suckers: What Are They and Removal?

Why do you have to remove African Violet suckers? Below are useful tools for removing suckers: Where can African Violet plant suckers be found? What do African Violet plant suckers look like? Why do African Violet plants sucker? Below are rooting hormone examples useful for rooting African Violet suckers during re-potting or leaf propagation too. […]