African Violet Chimera Flowers

What are African Violet chimera flowers? What Causes African Violet Plants To Produce Chimera Flowers? How To Propagate African Violet Chimeras? African Violet, perlite and other potting mixes shown below: What Happens If You Put Down A Leaf From An African Violet Chimera Flower Plant? What Are The Optimum Growing Conditions For African Violet Chimera […]

What are the Different Color Patterns of African Violet Flowers?

African Violet flowers can have different color patterns, these include two-tone, bi-color, multi-color, geneva, dark eye, white, eye, chimera, wide edge, colored edge, speckled edge, thumbprint and fantasy. They are defined in details as below: Two-tone African Violet Flower Type: Flowers which exhibit two tones/shades of the same color. These include light and dark hues […]