Capillary Mat Watering African Violet Plants : How To Use And Set Up

What are mats / capillary matting? Examples of capillary matting used for watering African Violet plants shown below: How does capillary matting work; for African Violet plants? What materials to use for capillary mat watering of African Violet plants? Examples of capillary matting used for watering African Violet plants shown below: How to prepare your […]

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Soft, Limp or Mushy?

Why do leaves turn soft, limp or mushy on my African Violet plants? What to do if your African Violet leaves have turned soft, limp or mushy from overwatering? How to prevent African Violet leaves from turning soft, limp or mushy due to overwatering? Below are perlite recommendations, useful for potting up suckers, as an […]

Foliar Feeding African Violet Plants

How to Foliar Feed? Foliar feeding involves gently spraying the African Violet leaves with a diluted mixture of plant fertilizer. a) Preparing the fertilizer mix for foliar feeding: b) How to apply fertilizer mix to African violet leaves? Why Do We Need to Dilute the Foliar Feeding Fertilizer? What Kind of Water to Use for […]

African Violet Chimera Flowers

What are African Violet chimera flowers? What Causes African Violet Plants To Produce Chimera Flowers? How To Propagate African Violet Chimeras? African Violet, perlite and other potting mixes shown below: What Happens If You Put Down A Leaf From An African Violet Chimera Flower Plant? What Are The Optimum Growing Conditions For African Violet Chimera […]

Soil Mealy Bugs in African Violet Plants

Soil Mealy Bugs are found inside the soil of African Violet plants, closer to the roots. They can spread very fast between plants and measures need to be taken quickly to control them. These are common questions answered about African Violet Soil Mealy Bugs: What are Soil Mealy Bugs? How do Soil Mealy Bugs Occur […]

How to Water African Violet Plants?

African Violet Plants need to be watered depending upon each plants individual environment. Depending upon whether African Violets are in a hot, dry, comfortable or cold environment, the frequency and amount of water changes. Below are common questions answered about watering African Violet plants and hopefully you will be able to pick up some useful […]

Wick Watering for African Violet Plants

Why wick African Violet plants? What is wick watering? Below are some items which can be useful while wick watering African Violet plants: How to wick African Violet plants? How to wick already potted African Violet plants? What type of wicks can I use for African Violet plants? Below are a few options of wicks […]

Fertilizer for African Violet Plants

Here, we will only talk about fertilizer requirements for an African violet plant growing as a houseplant and not those growing for show (as show plants require fertilizer during exact timed intervals and in different amounts). Major components of fertilizer: Examples of commercially available African Violet fertilizers below: Which commercial fertilizer to use for African […]