The Soil and Root pH of African Violet Plants

What is soil pH? Soil pH measures the activity of the hydronium ion (H+) in a soil suspension solution. The soil suspension is made of one part soil and one part water. Soil pH indicates the acidity or alkalinity of the soil suspension and is measured in units. This unit measurement is on a scale […]

Decapitating African Violet Crowns, Why And How?

Why do we need to decapitate African Violet crowns? How to decapitate the African Violet crown? Example1: This African Violet plant has developed a soil infestation. Tool recommendations below, can keep ready while preparing African Violets for decapitation: Example 2: African Violet, perlite and coco coir shown below: Example 3: Examples of commercially available African […]

Capillary Mat Watering African Violet Plants : How To Use And Set Up

What are mats / capillary matting? Examples of capillary matting used for watering African Violet plants shown below: How does capillary matting work; for African Violet plants? What materials to use for capillary mat watering of African Violet plants? Examples of capillary matting used for watering African Violet plants shown below: How to prepare your […]

Cleaning African Violet Plants, Why & How To?

Why clean your African Violet plants? Which tool should I use to brush off / clean dust / soil from African Violet leaves? Below are recommendations of useful items used to clean / groom African Violet plants: How to brush off / clean dust / soil from African Violet plants? Below are recommendations of useful […]

When And How To Divide / Separate African Violet Leaf Babies From Mother Leaf

After waiting 3-4 months, you finally see tiny baby plantlets emerging from your African Violet leaf cuttings. You are now trying to decide whether you should separate the babies from the main leaf or wait a little while. This article will hopefully give you an idea of when it’s the right time to divide the […]

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Soft, Limp or Mushy?

Why do leaves turn soft, limp or mushy on my African Violet plants? What to do if your African Violet leaves have turned soft, limp or mushy from overwatering? How to prevent African Violet leaves from turning soft, limp or mushy due to overwatering? Below are perlite recommendations, useful for potting up suckers, as an […]

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Curling Upwards or Downwards?

Why Do African Violet Leaves Curl or Reach Upwards? Why Do African Violet Leaves Curl or Droop Downwards? What Are the Symptoms of Dry Soil on African Violet Leaves? Examples of 2″, 3″ & 4″ plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: What are the Symptoms of Root Rot on […]

How To Groom African Violet Plants?

Why Is It Necessary To Groom African Violet Plants? Grooming Habit I – Removing Flowers Grooming Habit II – Removing Leaves Grooming Habit III – Checking for African Violet Suckers Grooming Habit IV – Spacing And Rotating African Violet Plants Tool recommendations below, useful in regular cleaning of African Violet plants. Grooming Habits V – […]

African Violet Show Plants: How To Begin?

Local African Violet clubs affiliated with the African Violet Society of America (AVSA), host annual plant shows. These shows many times also include plant displays and African Violet sales to raise funds for their club. Another goal is to arouse interest for African Violets among the general public by providing helpful growing tips. Please note, […]

Foliar Feeding African Violet Plants

How to Foliar Feed? Foliar feeding involves gently spraying the African Violet leaves with a diluted mixture of plant fertilizer. a) Preparing the fertilizer mix for foliar feeding: b) How to apply fertilizer mix to African violet leaves? Why Do We Need to Dilute the Foliar Feeding Fertilizer? What Kind of Water to Use for […]