What Are The Best Type Of Pots For African Violets?

Choosing a pot for your African Violet plant is personal preference, however, you can keep in mind some basic guidelines to help you choose the right pot. What kind of pot material is optimum for growing African Violet plants? Examples of 2″ & 4″plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: […]

What Pot Size To Use For African Violet Plants?

Why do African Violet plants need to be in a certain size pots? What is the ideal pot size for my African Violet plant? (a) Choosing pot size based upon type of African Violet: Examples of 2″ & 3″plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: (b) Choosing pot size based […]

What are the Different Sizes of African Violet Plants?

African Violets can be divided in four main categories depending upon their size: Large plants, Standard plants, Semi-Miniature plants, Miniature plants. The diameters of these African violet plants are measured across a single crown. They are each defined as below: Large African Violet plants: Large African violet plants when fully mature range from 16 inches […]