Anatomy Of African Violet Flowers And Leaves

African Violet Flowers: Parts of an African Violet Flower: 2. Stamen: 3. Pistil: 4. Stem: African Violet Leaf: Parts Of An African Violet Leaf: Examples of 2″ & 3″plastic pots, great to keep a few extra in your growing tools: *Our Affiliate Programs: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate […]

Root Rot on African Violet Plants

Root rot on African Violet plants can unfortunately occur when we are overzealous with watering African Violets. Over-watering can permanently damage African Violet roots and lead to the plants death. These are common questions answered about African Violet root rot: What is Root Rot? What Causes Root Rot and How Does It Occur? African Violet, […]

How to Bury and Re-Pot African Violet Bare Stems or Necks?

What does a long neck look like on African Violets? How does a long neck develop on African Violets? These tools can be helpful to perform the steps outlined below: Why do we need to remove or hide the neck on African Violets? How to repot the neck on African Violets? Example 1: Below sucker […]

Powdery Mildew on African Violet Plants

What is powdery mildew? Why do you have to remove powdery mildew from African Violet plants? Where can powdery mildew on African Violet plants be found? What does powdery mildew on African Violet plants look like? Why do African Violet plants develop powdery mildew? Below are examples of temperature and humidity meters, useful to keep […]

African Violet Suckers: What Are They and Removal?

Why do you have to remove African Violet suckers? Where can African Violet plant suckers be found? What do African Violet plant suckers look like? Why do African Violet plants sucker? Below are rooting hormone examples useful for rooting African Violet suckers during re-potting or leaf propagation too. How to prevent African Violets from suckering? […]